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Anonymous said: I emailed them in august!

I would check who you sent the emails too. It wouldn’t hurt to resend one either to the same coach or a new one. Coaching staffs can be rather large so check online on the roster to see who handles what (men’s, women’s, long distance, sprinting, etc.) and send it to whoever fits what you’re looking for. Sometimes that person can be different then the head coach. Also some coaches within a program or from school to school are better in getting back to you then others are going to be so don’t be discouraged! I didn’t go to my first choice because a coach was TERRIBLE at getting back to me. But I’m happy where I am and knew if they didn’t have the decency then it wasn’t a good fit. If you still don’t hear from them try giving a few calls to their office. I’d be shocked if no one got back to you. Pretty sure under NCAA guidelines they have to respond regardless of a students athletic ability. It might just take some time!

Anonymous said: Hi! So on the topic of college running... I have emailed a few division one coaches and none of them have replied. I know that my times aren't as fast as their top girls, but I have stalked the roster and I know I am quite a bit faster than some of their middle girls. I told the coach I was very interested, but he did not reply... what would you advise I do?

Hi there! How long ago was this that you emailed them?

Post-practice icing and refueling! Delicious berry spinach salad topped with grilled chicken and balsamic dressing. It’s been a big adjustment eating ini college but I really like the car here and have been dealing with it fairly well! (Also ate a protein bar before hand right after my lift session.)

Practice was okay- legs were pretty tight. So I definitely wanted to ice to have them as fresh as I can make them for tomorrow’s tempo. Got another comment today about my racing which I thought was extremely weird because it was really out of place (not mean, but just very irrelevant) and that just bothered me. But my mental state has been pretty good this past week. My boyfriend came up for the weekend so that was amazing! :) 

Pretty good day. 



This rant is a result of three hours of sleep and not feeling my best, so please bear with me:

I cannot believe where the time has gone and where I am right now in this point of my life. It is both terrifying and absolutely thrilling at the same time, and I cannot sum into words the amazing…

This. I know I say I love your blog all the time but once again- I LOVE THIS BLOG. Summed up my life right here, right now. 

“Some runs make you feel invincible. Some runs make you feel defeated. Every run makes you stronger.”

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Haven’t ran 10 miles in over a year. And I had only done it once. These girls serve as my daily inspiration and yesterday pushed me through a comfortable sub-8 pace 10 miler. Enjoying the process. ✔️
Recognizing the little victories. ✔️

(From yesterday’s Plymouth long run)

Driving off campus for a Saturday long run {

Driving off campus for a Saturday long run

7 miles, strides, and hurdle drills with some country music blasting courtesy of the baseball team was really freaking nice today :)


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mrs-keating said: Duuude I can only imagine how hard that transition is to make. What's the hardest part and what's the best part so far? How different is college from high school? I'm sure that after a little while you'll get into it and it'll be awesome :D I'm good, I'm good. A little tired but that's normal :)

The hardest part is definitely being in a new environment. I get pretty homesick (I’m extremely close with my family) and I miss my team and coach like nothing else. That was the thing that surprised me the most- I didn’t realize how much I’d miss them! Training is hard at times because it’s like nothing I’ve ever done before, but it’s also rewarding. It’s hard going from the top of you team to the bottom of another- but I know it will be worth it. The best part is probably knowing how hard I worked to be here and to have this opportunity is pretty awesome. Sometimes that gets lost in the mix of things so I try to remind myself of that! I think the biggest different between now and high school is the amount of free time you have to do what you want, also living with someone is a major game-changer. 

All creds to my amazing upperclassmen {

All creds to my amazing upperclassmen

mrs-keating said: How are you besides the workout? :)

Pretty good- it’s been hard adjusting to college so I’m kind of all over the place sometimes but other than that I’m okay. How about you?

mrs-keating said: Hey hun, I saw your post about how the fartleks went and I just wanted to say: a) We all have our days, b) what's important is that you keep your body healthy and take care of yourself, not just for running but for life, and c) I'm sorry you feel disappointed, but I assure you that you have many great runs to come in the future and be excited about!! :) <3333

Thanks so much <33 Just trying to keep my head up :)